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Facials by Barbara Products
Re'my Laure Institut France
Remy Laure Skin Care ~ Remy  Laure Face & Body Care Over 35 years of Exclusive Face & Body Care Preparations Formulated with the Finest Botanical Ingredients.
SENSITIVE SKINS - Organic series 
 Organic Gentle cleanser 150ml - $64.00
This gentle bio-cleanser allows a soft daily cleansing of your skin. Soap-free, it removes make-up and impurities while respecting the skin’s natural pH.
 Organic Hydration cream 40ml - $96.00
This rich and delicately perfumed day cream contains all the active ingredients necessary to a good skin protection and nutrition during the daily external exposure.
 Organic Nutrition care 40ml - $120.00
This bio-nutrition care contains numerous organic ingredients which are necessary to your skin’s regeneration during the night. Rich and smooth, it is also suitable as a day cream for dry skins.
 Organic Serum nutrition & brighteness 15ml - $86.00
This 100% natural bio-serum is a real cocktail of organic ingredients well-known for their nourishing and revitalizing properties on dry, dull or tired skins. A few drops of this real beauty concentrate are sufficient.
DRY SKINS - Nutrimoor series 
 Nutrimoor Day Cream 50ml - $43.00
Ideal day cream for dry skin. It uses natural ingredients (vegetal ceramids, proteins, TMG, sweet almond oil, vitamins A and E) to boost cellular exchanges and stimulate collagen’s synthesis. It nourishes, protects and rebuilds the skin’s natural protection.
 Nutrimoor Serum 30ml - $68.00
Real " nutrition and repair " cocktail, it comes up with a total of 17% active ingredients. Few drops are sufficient to stimulate the cells’ metabolism. For all skin types, especially dry skin.
 Nutrimoor Night Cream 50ml - $72.00
This night cream associates 3 powerful natural ingredients (centella asiatica, wild yam, soya isoflavone), their molecules being similar to hormones and ordering the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. This reactivating formula is completed with nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant properties to provide a complete answer for mature skins.
DESYDRATE SKINS - D.N.A. Revitalizing series 
 D.N.A Cleansing Cream 200ml - $33.00
This extremely effective cleanser hydrates mature skin as it cleanses away impurities and make-up.

 D.N.A Tonic Lotion 250ml - $35.00
An alcohol-free astringent lotion, which tones and refreshes skin, leaving it velvety soft. Helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture.

 D.N.A Moisturizing Mask 50ml - $41.00
Intensive natural moisturizer that hydrates and soothes the skin leaving it soft, relaxed and purified (P.C.A., squalane), and smoothes wrinkles (pure D.N.A., derivate of retinol).

 D.N.A Beauty Cream 50ml - $64.00
Contains pure D.N.A., which boosts cellular life, hydrates, repairs the damage caused by UV rays and improves the skin’s defenses. Intensive treatment that provides vitality, comfort and softness to the skin.

 D.N.A Embio-vital Hydration SERUM plant collagen 30ml - $72.00
This hydration beauty complex’s formula is very rich in collagen peptides and D.N.A. from marine origin. These two active ingredients can attract many times their own weight of water, in order to restore the optimal hydration level. Helps fortify the skin against environmental aggressors and lifestyle stress. Vital protection for skin of all ages.

 D.N.A. Intense Moisturizing SERUM (NEW) 10 x 1ml - $56.00
This highly concentrated hydrating and regenerating active ingredients contain natural collagen, hyaluronic acid and vegetal DNA. Alternate evening applications under a night cream will see visible results in around 20 days.

 D.N.A Eye Contour Relaxing Mask 30ml - $34.00
This perfume-free mask relaxes, hydrates and smoothes the delicate skin of the eye contour (squalane, P.C.A., urea). The pure D.N.A. and retinyl palmitate revitalize tired eyelids weakened by external environment.

 D.N.A Eye Contour Cream 30ml - $46.00
This oil-free cream stimulates (pure D.N.A., vitamin E), drains the eye contour and smoothes away fine lines and rings around the eyes (squalane, calendula, arnica, barley, butcherbroom, horse chesnut). 
ALL SKINS - Basic Cleansing & Detoxifying - Mineral series 
 Natural Black Mask 100ml - $60.00
Natural mask extracted from a fossil deposit very rich in botanicals, minerals,and trace-elements. These elements stimulate cellular metabolism and are vital to the beauty of your skin (a lack of trace-elements will produce a reaction causing a skin disorder). The Natural Mud Mask stimulates tired and stressed skins, purifies thick skins, revitalizes thin and mature skins, and lightens skintone leaving skin naturally fresh and clean. It draws out impurities and replaces lost minerals.

 Moisturizing Spray (for black mask) 250ml - $33.00
A refreshing moisturizing lotion which gives a sensation of cool comfort. Essential for use in conjunction with the Black Mask, in order to keep it moist, just a spritz

 Cleansing Milk 200ml - $26.00
Make-up and daily environemental aggressions, as well as naturally generated dead cells hinders your skin from breathing normally and being 100% open to skincare treatments. Rémy Laure’s Cleansing Milk, with a special blend of natural ingredients, is an oil-free, water-soluble cleanser that eliminates impurities and removes make-up and impurities without upsetting the skin’s natural pH. This soft cleansing milk is recommended for all skin types.

Cleansing water "3 en 1" 250ml - $31.00
For all skins, Cleansing Water of Rémy Laure cleanses and tonifies your skin in one step, leaving the skin of your face and eyes feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Moor Mud gentle cleansing bar 75g - $30.00
This dermatological bar (soap without soap) cleanses the skin softly, without disturbing the skin’s hydrolipidic film and natural ph. Its foam has an anti-bacteria effect on all skins. The Mud Cleansing Bar is a gentle alternative to standard cleansing milks.
Round brush for Moor gentle cleansing bar - $10.00

Beauty lotion 250ml - $28.00
Rémy Laure’s Beauty Lotion’s calming botanicals soothe and refresh while balancing the skin’s natural pH, preparing the skin for futher treatments. This natural, alcohol-free lotion is recommended for all skin types and strengthens the benefits of the cleansing milk.

Moor Peeling - Exfoliating cream 50ml - $35.00
Peeling is a vital beauty step necessary to eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate micro-circulation and oxygenate your skin. New cell production is increased and skintone is lightened. Remy Laure’s Peeling Cream exfoliates gently, while regulating skintone (Larrea Divaricata from Mexico) and fighting pollution (Moringa peptides from India).

 Visa-day - Multi Action Day Cream 50ml - $47.00
Rémy Laure as assembled 10 natural active ingredients in Visa-Day cream to provide your skin with a complete daily care : PROTECTION of external aggressors (original extracts of kiwi, Blueberry, calendula oil, butcherbroom and cereals, with light sun protection), HYDRATION (with soya, wheat, honey, cucumber extracts and hyaluronic acid), FIRNESS and SUPPLENESS (aosa, a marine plant snatched to rocks and keeping its elasticity despite strong winds and rolling of the sea).

 Visa-night cream 50ml - $63.00
Visa-night’s formula contains 15 active ingredients to replenish and remineralize your skin, while also hydrating and relaxing. Five minerals (balancing, relaxing, remineralizing) : silicium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium. Four natural oils (nourishing and anti-oxydant) : macadamia, apricot, coconut, sweet almond. Four plant extracts (hydrating and relaxing) : lotus, water lily, bamboo, beetroot. And two vitamins : B5 (regenerating), and E (anti-oxydant).

 Anti-Blotches cream 50ml - $45.00
​The soothing, calming action of this day and night beauty treatment cream helps to reduce redness, blemishes, clear the complexion and protect sensitive skin.

 Eye contour gel 30ml - $42.00
The eye contour is fragilized by eyelids movements and face expressions. The formula of this oil-free gel answers the needs of this specific skin area. Main active ingredients are marine collagen (lifting, hydrating), white tea (skintone lightening, dark shadow/circles consealing), magnesium and manganese (relaxing), arnica (dark shadow/circles consealing, microcirculation activator) apricot oil (nourishing, calming). Prevents puffiness and expression lines and smoothes away fine lines caused by dryness.

 Tinted Foundation day cream 50ml - $44.00
Protective tinted cream for all types of skin. It is composed of: pearl extract (rich in minerals and trace elements with remineralizing, revitalizing and smoothing properties), vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), almond oil (restores the protective lipid film) and sun filters (absorb a part of the UV rays which are responsible for epidermis disorders).
OILY SKINS - Purifying series 
 Gentle cleansing gel 150ml - $33.00
The Gentle Cleansing Gel eliminates impurities and excess sebum of oily skin. Its 5 plants extracts act in synergy to answer the different troubles due to excess sebum. Myrrh, thyme and burdock extracts have a purifying effect. Plantain and mallow extracts calm blotches generated by the aggressive sebum. Magnesium completes this calming action.

 Purifying Gel (NEW) 50ml - $56.00

 Purifying Cream (NEW) 50ml - $60.00

 Pimple corrector 30ml - $40.00
This gel has been created to correct skin pimples.It contains: Salicylic acid (eliminates bacteria and dead cells that obstruct the skin pores). Zinc salt and sulfur (sebum regulating action). A plant complex of myrrh, burdock, thyme, plantain, mallow (purifying and calming action). 

 Regulating day gel 50ml - $44.00
Non-oily gel that calms, balances and thins oily skin. Plant extracts (iris, papaya, liquorice) calm and purify the skin. Fruit acids derivates (salicylic acid, glycolic acid and alkyl malate acid) thin and soften the cornea layer. Zinc salt and sulfur reduce the excessive secretion of sebum. Vitamins A and E improve the skin elasticity and protect it. Hyaluronic acid provides comfort to oily skin, which is very often dehydrated in depth. Created for thick and shinny skin.

 Balancing night serum 30ml - $61.00
Non-oily night serum penetrates instantly on thick, shinny,and mature adult oily skin. It is composed of:​ Plant extracts (iris, liquorice) that calm and purify the skin. Fruit acids derivates: glycolic acid (thins the cornea layer), salicylic acid (exfoliates), and alkyl malate acid (sebum regulator, prevents wrinkles). Zinc salt and sulfur that reduce excess sebum and purify the epidermis. Soy proteins and hyaluronic acid that restore the epidermis and slow down the skin aging. 

 Exfoliating scrub (Face line-all skin types) 150ml - 37.00
This gel-cream cleanses the skin with its neutral polyethylene micro balls (round mini extra-fine granules) and contains: Oils of apricot kernel and jojoba (regenerating and calming action). Magnesium (vital trace element for the cellular metabolism). Urea and allantoin (regenerating action). Cleansing agents to purify the skin. Gives efficient exfoliation while brightening the skin complexion.
 STRESS SKINS - Hydrating series(HYDRAVIVE - intensive moisturizing - all skin types
 Hydravive Gel 50ml - $47.00
Hydravive Gel is oil-free and very light, absorbed immediately after its use. A moisturizing experience, a fresh feeling surrounded with scents of grapefruit. Grape provides its hydration power (original fruit water which is bio-compatible with the skin) while building a " biological shield " (anti-free-radicals polyphenols).

 Hydravive - Moisturizing Cream 50ml - $56.00
This light day cream contains nanosphers that gently time-release moisture into the skin to keep it fresh and hydrated all day long, while special filters help to protect the skin from damaging UVA/UVB radiation. 

 Hydravive 20 serum 30ml - $62.00
Highly concentrated with 20% of hydrating active ingredients (liberated progressively with nanosphere technology). Also contains grape seed extract (polyphenols) and a cocktail of vitamins and trace oligo-elements. 

 Hydravive - Moisturizing Mask 50ml - $37.00
This fresh and light mask has a double hydrating/regenerating effect, thanks to Chitosan, grape seed extract (polyphenols) and aloe vera.
ALL SKINS - Body series-BODY LINE- contouring/toning/firming
 Exfoliating body scrub
Cleansing and draining exfoliating gel for the body. Its cleansing agents and polythylene balls have a cleansing and softening action. The extracts of rosemary, ivy and fucus vesiculosus help to drain toxins. The epidermis is softened and toned.

 Silky nutritive cream 200 ml - $73.00
Nutritive body cream with a smooth texture that instantly penetrates. This highly hydrating cream contains active ingredients that keeps skin moisturized for 24 hours without the sensation of oily texture. It is composed of floral complex of rose petals, lotus flowers, chamomile, macadamia oil, ente plum oil and heartsease extract.

 Body toning cream 200ml - $70.00
Energizing body cream for the cutaneous loosening and penetrates into the skin quickly and deeply. It protects and increases skin elasticity and firmness. This cream, which has a pleasant texture, contains macadamia oil, sweet almond proteins, marin collagen and soybean membrane extract.
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Remy Laure products, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone (954-748-4440) 
or e-mail (facialsbybarbara@gmail.com). 
Rest assured I will help find the best solutions for you. 
MATURE SKINS/Anti-Aging - (Age-control series) all skin types 

 Beauty Booster with Vitamin C 50ml - $58.00
This Beauty boosting cream is formulated with micro-encapsulated pure vitamins A, C and E to protect your skin from stress, free radicals and external aggressions.

 Privilège 4 - Age Beauty Control Cream with Liposome 50ml - $61.00
This ultra-rich light textured cream helps to preserve the skin’s suppleness as it combats the visible signs of aging. This cream is a complete solution to maintaining youthful-looking skin.

 CR-23 Cream - Skin Longevity 50ml - $68.00
This is a real healthy cream which favors skin longevity from outside as healthy food will from the inside. Composed of 23 original active ingredients derivated from studies about the extraordinary life expectancy of the Cretan population. It combines 10 plant oils composed of, on average, 90% essential fatty acids, modern hydrating compounds with extra-strong hydration capacity (imperata cylindrica, chitin), vitamin-rich and repair-stimulating compounds (fig vegebios, melon, oil of a plant called " immortal ") and a new anti-age collagen-generation. This is best used as a night cream.

 Lifting Serum with Vitamin C+... in micro capsules 30ml - $64.00
This micro-encapsulated Lifting fluid is based on a cocktail of vitamins A+C+E+F with optimum concentration, associated with vegetal proteins. A decisive answer against major skin-aging causes.

 Pure beauté -Retinol beauty pearls 30 caps x 0.28ml - $72.00
This concentrate with pure and stabilized retinol (0,2%) is encapsulated for better protection and efficiency. Significant reduction of fine lines and age spots. Your skin gets smoother and more radiant.

 Rejuvenyl: Phyto-aromatic revitalizer complex 10 vials x 3ml - $49.00
This 100% natural and non-oily fluid balances the cellular metabolism and detoxifies the skin, which makes it looking fresh and younger. The essential oils improve the skin’s natural defense, while stimulating and purifying the skin. Your complexion is brightened. It helps the skin retain moisture while reinforcing its natural defense against environmental aggressors and improves skin tone.

 Tensor day gel - With Ginseng 50ml - $70.00
This tonic color fresh energizing gel composed of ginseng, Hyaluronic acid, Marine collagen and Retinol as its major ingedients provides immediate action (smoothing and tensor active ingredient) but also for the long term (restructuring active ingredients). The active ingredients are more efficient than DHEA.

 Lip contour cream 15ml - $50.00
Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen play an important part of this non-oily product. This cream's dermo-relaxing ingredients will smooth out and repulp lip contours, also allowing a longer make-up hold.

 Local line masker 10ml - $60.00
Simple to use, the Local line masker provides immediate results to improve tone of fatigued skin of the face. Special Silicones as filler to fill up wrinkles thud completed the repair actions with long lasting results working side by side with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

 Eye contour smoothing cream 15ml - $56.00
This smoothing and decongesting gel-cream contains anti-fatigue active ingredients and also active molecules for youthfull eye contours. It decongests blood circulation responsible for dark circles and pouches under the eyes, improves hydration and slows down the aging process. Active ingredients such as HMC, VW and Peptide promote younger looking skin around the eyes.

 Repulping night cream - With Cinnamom 50ml - $90.00
Silky and smooth, this night cream uses innovating active ingredients which act on the extracellular matrix in order to redensify and repulp the face contours.Ingredients such as Cinnamon and Matrikines stimulate the process of cellular renewal.
 Ligne 7 - Silhouette beauty complex 15 amp. of 5ml - $60.00
Phyto-aromatic fluid that drains local excess fat. Silhouette problems are very often due to water retention and poor toxin elimination. This formula is recommended for toning skin all over the body, especially areas suffering from the orange-peel effect of cellulite. The active ingredients of Ligne 7 act in synergy (Magnesium 30%, Centella asiatica, Horse chestnut, Horsetail and ivy extracts, the essential oils of pine, rosemary and wild thyme).

 Slimness day gel 150ml - 57.00
Oil-free fresh body gel to slim and drain that instantly penetrates your skin, rich but light in texture. Formulated to ease cellulite zones (thighs, arms, stomach, buttocks) and to sooth heavy legs. It contains the following active ingredients: pineapple powder, coffee seed extract, yerba mate extract, plant complex (arnica, cypress, Solomon’s seal, mint) and algisium (derivate of silicon).

 Slimness night gel 150ml - $59.00
This active ingredient gel helps to fight localized fat excess. Hydrates and protects the epidermis, softens and repairs stress skin. It is highly recommended to use in compliment with the Slimness day gel.  Its base is composed of phospholipids and phytosterols (vegetal origin) that maximizes the potential of the following active ingredients: myrica cerifera extract, caobromine (extracted from cocoa), algisium, kombuchka extract and complex of caffeine, coenzyme A and bupleurum falcatum (Chinese plant).

 ALL SKINS - Suncare series - Sun Protection
Sun Cream - SFP 40 50ml - $45.00
 Sun Cream - SFP 30 50ml - $48.00 (new)
 Sun Cream - SFP 50 50ml - $58.00 (new)
Water-proof consistant sun cream quickly penetrates and protects skin from prolonged exposure. Highly protective and hydrating sun cream for all skin types. Its very powerful antioxidant ingredient (thermus thermophilus) activated by heat and light protects the skin cells and repairs the skin barrier.

 Sun milk - SFP 15 200ml - $43.00
Oil-free fluid that facilitates suntan while protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays. This very 
comfortable hydrating milk nourishes and repairs the skin without leaving white marks.

 After-sun Cream 50ml - $38.00
This repairing and soothing cream contains a tan-prolonging ingredient (citroflavonoides of sweet orange) and an antioxidant (flavonols of jasmine) that regenerates the « skin defense capital ». It is formulated to repair skin damages caused by sun exposure, to reduce oxidation that destroys DNA, to moisturize, to soothe, prolong tan and to brighten skin.

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 Sea Beauty - marine body care - Face & Body
 SeaFoam shower gel (available in 2 sizes)   8 fl. oz - $20.00, 32 fl. oz - $56.00
This unique multi-cellular blue seaweed brings all the richness of the sea to any tub or shower. 
Calming essential oils and herbs turn every bath into a spa treatment.

 Smoothing body scrub (available in 2 sizes) 8 fl. oz - $27.00, 32 fl. oz - $70.00
This total body buffer gently sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving the entire body soft, smooth and glowing.

 Marina body milk (available in 2 sizes) 8 fl. oz - $$28.00, 32 fl. oz - $98.00
This luxurious milk deeply nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin, ideal as an after-bath moisturizer.
 Organic Hydration Mask 150ml - $112.00
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Facials by Barbara ®
PIGMENTE SKINS - Brightening series 
 Brightening cleansing foam 150ml - $36.00
This foaming gel removes make-up and impurities softly on all skin types. It respects the skin's natural pH and moisture level. Thanks to natural whitening botanical extracts, the skintone is purified for a clean, even and  transulcent complexion 

Brightening Mask 250ml - $80.00
This highly effective melanin inhibitor complex (based on botanicals) returns your skin to its fairest and most translucent look. The perfect compliment to enhance your whitening program.

 Brightening day serum 30ml -$63.00
Rémy Laure's Brightening day serum has been formulated to lighten pigmentation spots and contribute to an even and bright skintone, while providing moisture and nutrition during the day. Its vegetal extracts provide a soft and progressive brightening action.

 Brightening day cream 50ml - $53.00

 Brightening night serum 30ml - $80.00
Rémy Laure's Brightening night serum couples numerous active ingredients which work in synergy during the resting phase of the skin. This night serum is the key to prevent pigmentations & lighten skin. The formula is enriched with moisturizing action. Its vegetal extracts provide a soft and progressive brightening action.

 Brightening night cream 50ml - $84.00